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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
9:06 am
A Bit of Bad News
Joanne is pregnant and is about 18 weeks along. Unfortunately there was a complication. Last Wednesday, the fluid that the baby is in flushed out. We went to the doctor and they told us that we could wait it out and see if the sack reheals but it did not. It is with a heavy heart that I am saying that come tomorrow we will not have a little boy in our lives. This is one of the saddest days of our lives. However the bright side to this is that with the procedure that Joanne is going to have done tomorrow will not cause any complications to her health and will give us another oppportunity to try again.

Current Mood: sad
Monday, April 18th, 2005
9:18 am
Awesome Weekend
Hello all,

This weekend was great. Let me tell you how it began. It started with me working on Friday from 7:00am til 10:30pm working on gettings 12 of our machines up for the folks in India to use. There was a lot of tedious work involved and the part that automates the testing of the equipment and setting up our realms and everything didn't get started until 6:30 at night. The problem is that the automation of all the tasks takes almost 20 minutes to run. Well errors can occur during this process because the cabling is not correct, loose connections and all sorts of stuff. I had 5 realms to work on. Let me explain what a realm consists of. It consists of at least 1 server, 1 disk enclosure, 1 to two switches (Depending on the amount of equipment in the rack), a Terminal server which looks just like a switch and another server for initiator software for the iscsi. Well I have one realm of 4 scms (Storage Controller Modules) with 2 DE (Disk Enclosure) 3 realms of 2 scms with 1 DE and 2 realms of 2 scms and 8 disks. Each DE holds 16 disks. For everything to pass we must of had 6 different failures and the thing about it is that each realm walks off its own ATE (Automated Test Environment). So finally at 10:30 at night I was able to get them all the pass. It was cool because one I did not want to come in on the weekend and two I learned so much. I learned alot about the code that the ATE uses and when it fails I know where to locate the error. It was awesome.

Then on Saturday we had a couples night out with some freinds of ours. We dropped Taylor off at Oma and Opa's. We went to a Mexican place called El Burro's. The food was great. I had the beef and shrimp fajitas and Jo had the Enchiladas. The portion was huge. I was so rimmed because of all the chips I ate and the dinner. I think I was the only one who ate everything. Then after dinner we decided to shoot some pool. Originally we were going to go see the Amityville horror movie but I suggested that we can always go home and watch a movie lets go out and so something. They were all in agreement and we played pool. It was a blast. Haven't played pool in so long. Then went home and picked up the little one.

Then on Sunday was the best day. It was so good because I had a soccer game at 10:30 and we won 3-1. I almost made it 4-1 but I hit the post on my shot. That is not what made the game so great though. For the first time since I have been playing I really played agressively. I did not wait for the ball to come to me, I went to the ball. My team mates were very impressed. That is what made the game so great. To get back to the shot that I almost had a goal on. The ball was crossed and the defenders just watched it go by. So I went after the ball and I saw it going in but curved at the last minute and hit the post. After the game the guys my team and the other team we saying that I am going to have dreams about the fact that the ball hit the post. It really did not bother me that I did not make the goal though because of the rest of my performance in the game and the reaction of my teammates. When I was headin back to the car I hear people saying "Ping" of the sound that the ball made off the post.

Awesome weekend
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
1:11 pm
Been Awhile
Oh man. It has been awhile since I put in my last entry. I got alot to catch people up on.

First things first. My daughter, Taylor, turned 1 on the 4th of this month. It is amazing how quickly time flies by. We had a party for her on Sunday the 3rd. The theme was Care Bears. She had a ball. I got her this 6 foot tunnel that she can crawl through. She loves it and she got a whole bunch of books. Books are her thing. She also got an add on set to her Noaks Ark Little Poeple set. We also put together a trampoline the day before and Jo decided to test it and she popped her knee. She is better now but we had to take her to the hospital and get her a brace and some crutches.

Next the Monday following her birthday we had 8 people layed off from our company. 5 were because they were not performing well and they had only been here 2 months and the other three were due to the fact that they were on performance probation and did not meet the standards that were set for them. I am taking all the necessary actions to make sure that does not happen. Then my awesome boss left to persue another position in a different company that is a direct competitor of ours. This last week just sucked man. The work is still overwhleming but I am getting more people that are chipping in and I am learning so much here.

Now for my daughter we are building a wooden play structure. It states that it should only require 2 people to build it and about 18 hours to finish. We are already 20 hours into it, with three people helping and we are only half way done. Word of advice if you are planning on building on of these for your kids, if it comes with instructions and a DVD you know there is something wrong. Building it is so much fun and watching it come together is really cool.

Got an album review for ya. This album just came out today and I am sure that I am going to be a little biased when I tell you about it. The band is Mudvayne and the album is called Lost and Found. The album cover features a child holding a bear while looking at a tornado heading right towards him. Now if you are into band like Kill Switch Engage and Pantera then this is a band and album for you. It grabs you by the balls right as the album starts with "Determined." Very heavy and aggressive. The song reminds me of Silenced off there album End of all things to come. "Pushing Through" is a good song. It has a nice hard groove to it. Then we come to the first single of the album called "Happy." This has hit written all over it. It hit me like the first time I heard "Not Fallen." I was hooked. I said to myself"This is what I have been waiting for from these guys" I haven't had to much chance to hear the rest of the album but I will do a part two. I highly recommend this album. 5 out of 5. I loved End of all things to come" If you liked that one then you will like this one. There is also a CD/DVD combo on the disc that I got. The DVD is on the other side of the CD and has extra footage of study work and pictures from past tours. It has a video for Determined where the lead singer has long hair. Go and get it.

Well I will talk at you later. See Ya

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
11:55 am
Things are going great
Really been going to the gym hard again. It feels great. Today I went in the morning and I hit the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. I burned off over 400 calories. After that I did an ab routine and exercised my lower back. I feel so energized and I can feel myself getting back into shape again. Hopefully I don't fall off the good streak. Last time I stopped going to the gym for about 8 months. I am not going to let that happen again. I think my soccer playing will improve too. My friend Jon wants me to check out the gym he goes to. He says it is about 20 dollars more a month then what I am paying for at 24 hour. The reason it is so expensive is because they give you a towel to workout with, a towel for the showers and if you are on the bike or elliptical machine there is a personal tv screen for you. I don't need all that crap. I came to workout and get away from TV watching.

Album review time: So as I mentioned before I just bought the latest Drowning Pool album. It features a new singer due to the fact the original singer died. I can't remember what he died from. Anyways. The album is pretty good. If you remember the original singer from the song "Bodies" off the last album you will notice a difference in the new singers voice. I actually think it is better personally. I like the lower tone he delivers to the music. The album starts off ok with the first song called "Think". It has a heavy, slow deep toned riff and the chorus kicks up. Then the album kicks it up a few notches to put you into aggression, but in a good way. I know that sounds wierd but when you hear the song you get pumped up. The song is the first single called "Step Up". This is the perfect song for a Wrestler, Boxer or Ray Lewis from the Raven. The album keeps going in the energentic heavy mode and keeps you wanting more. "Nothingness" track 5 is a great song too. Then it slows it down on track 7 with "Love and War". This is another great song which is a little Heavy Balad that still makes you want to bang your head to it. The tracks that follow fulfill the want of a metal album. I would definitely recommend this album to people who like Disturbed, Mudvayne, Black Label Society and other bands of that nature.

Rating: A-

Current Mood: busy
Monday, March 21st, 2005
1:18 pm
Another good day
I went to the gym today and got a pretty good cardio workout. I did 15 minutes on the elliptical machine and then did crunches, side crunches, leg lifts and back arches and finished off with 5 minutes on the Bike. Trying to get back into the swing of things and I don't want to over exert myself. I also got a call from my wife and she said that somewhere in the Bay Area near us they sell Pugs for $550 and they are backed by the AKC. I am excited now because I want to get a Pug and if we got one that would be so awesome. They are great with Kids and we would not be getting a Chihuahua. Rat dog! I feel so energized right now and it feels good to get back to the gym.
8:55 am
Great Weekend
It was a pretty good weeekend. Started off Saturday night where I went to my freind Brian's house to shoot the shit and play some video games. Drank some beer and kicked his ass in soccer. It was great.

Then Satuday, my wife was nice enough to let me sleep in til 9:00am because I got in so late. Then my daughter said enough is enough and wanted me to wake up. I said ok. We went looking for a Birthday cake place to have a Care Bears cake made for her. That is going to be the Theme. 2 weeks away from her being a year old. I can't believe it. She is growing so fast. Time to start working on number 2....Anyways. Then I regretfully had to decline Victor, Matt and Kim's offer to go to Matt and Kim's for a party. I really wish we could have gone but trying to get a sitter on such short notice. I really wanted to rock out on the Karaoke machine. Anyways. I hope the rest of the gang had a great time. I also picked up my tickets for the Def Leppard Concert. I did not realize they were going to be so expensive. I didn't think that they were so popular with Brian Adams that they could charge that much. Anyways I know it is going to be a great show. We watched the incredibles that night as well. It was a really cool movie I thought. I thought Frozone (aka Samuel L. Jackson) was hilarious.

Then Sunday I went to Church with my wife and daughter. It was a nice sermon but the best part about it is how Taylor does her own thing and walks around to other people and they interact with her. And she loves the singing. Then we went to my parents to get Taylor's easter gift and then went home and relaxed the rest of the night.

In a couple of days I will give my review on the new Drowning Pool cd I got called Decensitized.

Current Mood: good
Monday, March 14th, 2005
2:27 pm
Good weekend
So this weekend was pretty good. It was great to take Friday off and get some well needed rest. Friday my wife took me to her work because she needed to pick up her paycheck. The people there are nice and the owner of the practice is really nice too. Then she took me to this place called Zorba's. The food is great and the portions are perfect. It was a little expensive but that is ok. I also picked up hte latest Brian Adams best of CD and I do not care for it as much as the one that had the big tire on the album cover. Saturday I had my daughter for six hours before the wife came back from work. We went to my parents house and had a great time. She was so happy to get out of the house and be somewhere else. She said another new word that day. The word was "silly girl" It was great. Then my wife and I watched I Robot to end the night. Then Sunday I went to my soccer game and my wife went shopping. We lost 3-2. The refs sucked though. I wont get into it...it is ridiculous. Then I went to my Brother-in-laws house and I setup his wireless. Word to the wise. It is much easier to use WEP for encryption and for only allowing machines on your network that only you want instead of MAC Filtering. Mac Filtering sucks. I have problems trying to connect sometimes. Once I setup the WEP I have not had any problems anymore. Then Sunday night we went to my mom's birthday dinner. I had the prime rib...so bad but so good tasting. Then I came home and passed out. Talk to you all later.

Current Mood: tired
Friday, March 11th, 2005
4:03 pm
It is finally Friday and I decided to take the dayoff to spend some time with my wife and my beautiful daughter. We went shopping and spent a little bit of time out in the sun today. It was great and I decided to get a copy of the latest Brian Adams greatest hits in preperation for the concert coming up. I also decided to put money down on the new Mudvayne album called Lost and Found. This album is coming out on the 12th of April. I have already heard the latest single called Happy and it sounds awesome. Then we went and did some other shopping and then came home. This weekend a=ought to be great. Tonight I am going to hang out with my freind that I have not seen in about a month and it should be cool. I got a new Xbox game called Winning Eleven 8 and it is such a fun game. That ought to be fun. Then on Saturday I have my daughter all to myself from 8:00am to 2:00pm. The wife has to work...that sucks. Then I might have her again by myself because it might be girls night out....Good for momma. Then I am looking forward to my soccer game that should happen this Sunday. I play forward so I hope I score a goal.

On a side note I am going to give my reviews on some music I have recently picked up. First: I picked up the latest Fozzy album. This is title All That Remains.If you do not know who this band is...if you watch wrestling then you know Chris Jericho. He is the lead singer. This album I would give a 4.8 out of 5. This album is pure rock. It has hard hitting guitars and the vocals are different then what you hear out there now-a-days. Guest appearances are on this album which are great. Zakk Wylde (guitarist for Ozzy and lead singer and guitarist for Black Label Society) plays on the song Wanderlust. Other guest appearances include Marty Friedman formerly of Megadeth and Bone Crusher are on the album as well. Great songs include Nameless, hit single Enemy and All That Remains are just a few of the titles that are really good. This is a must have if you are like hard hitting metal of today with a slight hint of eighties metal riffs with a little Dream Theater feel in a few songs.

The next album is The newest Three Doors Down. This album is typical of all the rest of TDD. If you like it great...if not then this is not for you. I personally like it. I thought it was great that they did a song about traveling and being on the road and the great part about this song was that they were able to get Bob Seger to sing along. Bob Seger is such a great artist and song writer I thought it gave them evem more inspiration for the rest of this album. This album is a good one in my opinion. This I would give a 4 out of 5. Try this album out.

Current Mood: happy
Monday, March 7th, 2005
7:52 am
No More Car payments
Well we finally got our taxes done and we are so excited. Joanne was able to claim a loss with her side buiseness of hand raising cockatiels. Also we were able to get 1000 credit towards our taxes for Sweetpea. Because of all of these we are going to get back 2300 dollars. What does that mean? I am going to payoff my car today. I will be debt free on the car. This will add more money to account and I figure that I can now pay more money towards our credit cards. I calculated that we should be debt free from my car, the credit cards and our Eastern King bed by October of this year. These are good times for our family right now.

On a side note I bought a couple games for myself in all this jubilation. I bought an old title called Oddworld Munch's Oddessey and I bought a soccer title called Winning Eleven.

Taylor is good. She is getting louder and louder when she talks. She now has full on conversations with her duck spout cover in the bath tub. She is loving it. We were going to try and film it yesterday but she freaked out. Joanne stopped the bath early because she was so scared.

Saw Spongebob Square pants the movie this weekend. It was cute and funny. I like Spongebob. Actually I like Patrick.

Well I have to get to work now. Exciting times right now.

Current Mood: excited
Friday, March 4th, 2005
9:57 am
Today I am trying to prepare for the restructure in our labs for my work. 2 Weeks to make my labs look pretty. I am excited because not only is it going to look good but I have total control on the outcome and cable management is going to look spectacular.

On another note: My daughter is 11 months old today. Happy 11 months sweetpea.

Got some ok plans for the weekend. I am going to hopefully get my taxes done on Saturday and then hopefully play soccer on Sunday.
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