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Good weekend

So this weekend was pretty good. It was great to take Friday off and get some well needed rest. Friday my wife took me to her work because she needed to pick up her paycheck. The people there are nice and the owner of the practice is really nice too. Then she took me to this place called Zorba's. The food is great and the portions are perfect. It was a little expensive but that is ok. I also picked up hte latest Brian Adams best of CD and I do not care for it as much as the one that had the big tire on the album cover. Saturday I had my daughter for six hours before the wife came back from work. We went to my parents house and had a great time. She was so happy to get out of the house and be somewhere else. She said another new word that day. The word was "silly girl" It was great. Then my wife and I watched I Robot to end the night. Then Sunday I went to my soccer game and my wife went shopping. We lost 3-2. The refs sucked though. I wont get into it...it is ridiculous. Then I went to my Brother-in-laws house and I setup his wireless. Word to the wise. It is much easier to use WEP for encryption and for only allowing machines on your network that only you want instead of MAC Filtering. Mac Filtering sucks. I have problems trying to connect sometimes. Once I setup the WEP I have not had any problems anymore. Then Sunday night we went to my mom's birthday dinner. I had the prime rib...so bad but so good tasting. Then I came home and passed out. Talk to you all later.
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