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Great Weekend

It was a pretty good weeekend. Started off Saturday night where I went to my freind Brian's house to shoot the shit and play some video games. Drank some beer and kicked his ass in soccer. It was great.

Then Satuday, my wife was nice enough to let me sleep in til 9:00am because I got in so late. Then my daughter said enough is enough and wanted me to wake up. I said ok. We went looking for a Birthday cake place to have a Care Bears cake made for her. That is going to be the Theme. 2 weeks away from her being a year old. I can't believe it. She is growing so fast. Time to start working on number 2....Anyways. Then I regretfully had to decline Victor, Matt and Kim's offer to go to Matt and Kim's for a party. I really wish we could have gone but trying to get a sitter on such short notice. I really wanted to rock out on the Karaoke machine. Anyways. I hope the rest of the gang had a great time. I also picked up my tickets for the Def Leppard Concert. I did not realize they were going to be so expensive. I didn't think that they were so popular with Brian Adams that they could charge that much. Anyways I know it is going to be a great show. We watched the incredibles that night as well. It was a really cool movie I thought. I thought Frozone (aka Samuel L. Jackson) was hilarious.

Then Sunday I went to Church with my wife and daughter. It was a nice sermon but the best part about it is how Taylor does her own thing and walks around to other people and they interact with her. And she loves the singing. Then we went to my parents to get Taylor's easter gift and then went home and relaxed the rest of the night.

In a couple of days I will give my review on the new Drowning Pool cd I got called Decensitized.
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