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Things are going great

Really been going to the gym hard again. It feels great. Today I went in the morning and I hit the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. I burned off over 400 calories. After that I did an ab routine and exercised my lower back. I feel so energized and I can feel myself getting back into shape again. Hopefully I don't fall off the good streak. Last time I stopped going to the gym for about 8 months. I am not going to let that happen again. I think my soccer playing will improve too. My friend Jon wants me to check out the gym he goes to. He says it is about 20 dollars more a month then what I am paying for at 24 hour. The reason it is so expensive is because they give you a towel to workout with, a towel for the showers and if you are on the bike or elliptical machine there is a personal tv screen for you. I don't need all that crap. I came to workout and get away from TV watching.

Album review time: So as I mentioned before I just bought the latest Drowning Pool album. It features a new singer due to the fact the original singer died. I can't remember what he died from. Anyways. The album is pretty good. If you remember the original singer from the song "Bodies" off the last album you will notice a difference in the new singers voice. I actually think it is better personally. I like the lower tone he delivers to the music. The album starts off ok with the first song called "Think". It has a heavy, slow deep toned riff and the chorus kicks up. Then the album kicks it up a few notches to put you into aggression, but in a good way. I know that sounds wierd but when you hear the song you get pumped up. The song is the first single called "Step Up". This is the perfect song for a Wrestler, Boxer or Ray Lewis from the Raven. The album keeps going in the energentic heavy mode and keeps you wanting more. "Nothingness" track 5 is a great song too. Then it slows it down on track 7 with "Love and War". This is another great song which is a little Heavy Balad that still makes you want to bang your head to it. The tracks that follow fulfill the want of a metal album. I would definitely recommend this album to people who like Disturbed, Mudvayne, Black Label Society and other bands of that nature.

Rating: A-
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