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Been Awhile

Oh man. It has been awhile since I put in my last entry. I got alot to catch people up on.

First things first. My daughter, Taylor, turned 1 on the 4th of this month. It is amazing how quickly time flies by. We had a party for her on Sunday the 3rd. The theme was Care Bears. She had a ball. I got her this 6 foot tunnel that she can crawl through. She loves it and she got a whole bunch of books. Books are her thing. She also got an add on set to her Noaks Ark Little Poeple set. We also put together a trampoline the day before and Jo decided to test it and she popped her knee. She is better now but we had to take her to the hospital and get her a brace and some crutches.

Next the Monday following her birthday we had 8 people layed off from our company. 5 were because they were not performing well and they had only been here 2 months and the other three were due to the fact that they were on performance probation and did not meet the standards that were set for them. I am taking all the necessary actions to make sure that does not happen. Then my awesome boss left to persue another position in a different company that is a direct competitor of ours. This last week just sucked man. The work is still overwhleming but I am getting more people that are chipping in and I am learning so much here.

Now for my daughter we are building a wooden play structure. It states that it should only require 2 people to build it and about 18 hours to finish. We are already 20 hours into it, with three people helping and we are only half way done. Word of advice if you are planning on building on of these for your kids, if it comes with instructions and a DVD you know there is something wrong. Building it is so much fun and watching it come together is really cool.

Got an album review for ya. This album just came out today and I am sure that I am going to be a little biased when I tell you about it. The band is Mudvayne and the album is called Lost and Found. The album cover features a child holding a bear while looking at a tornado heading right towards him. Now if you are into band like Kill Switch Engage and Pantera then this is a band and album for you. It grabs you by the balls right as the album starts with "Determined." Very heavy and aggressive. The song reminds me of Silenced off there album End of all things to come. "Pushing Through" is a good song. It has a nice hard groove to it. Then we come to the first single of the album called "Happy." This has hit written all over it. It hit me like the first time I heard "Not Fallen." I was hooked. I said to myself"This is what I have been waiting for from these guys" I haven't had to much chance to hear the rest of the album but I will do a part two. I highly recommend this album. 5 out of 5. I loved End of all things to come" If you liked that one then you will like this one. There is also a CD/DVD combo on the disc that I got. The DVD is on the other side of the CD and has extra footage of study work and pictures from past tours. It has a video for Determined where the lead singer has long hair. Go and get it.

Well I will talk at you later. See Ya
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