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Awesome Weekend

Hello all,

This weekend was great. Let me tell you how it began. It started with me working on Friday from 7:00am til 10:30pm working on gettings 12 of our machines up for the folks in India to use. There was a lot of tedious work involved and the part that automates the testing of the equipment and setting up our realms and everything didn't get started until 6:30 at night. The problem is that the automation of all the tasks takes almost 20 minutes to run. Well errors can occur during this process because the cabling is not correct, loose connections and all sorts of stuff. I had 5 realms to work on. Let me explain what a realm consists of. It consists of at least 1 server, 1 disk enclosure, 1 to two switches (Depending on the amount of equipment in the rack), a Terminal server which looks just like a switch and another server for initiator software for the iscsi. Well I have one realm of 4 scms (Storage Controller Modules) with 2 DE (Disk Enclosure) 3 realms of 2 scms with 1 DE and 2 realms of 2 scms and 8 disks. Each DE holds 16 disks. For everything to pass we must of had 6 different failures and the thing about it is that each realm walks off its own ATE (Automated Test Environment). So finally at 10:30 at night I was able to get them all the pass. It was cool because one I did not want to come in on the weekend and two I learned so much. I learned alot about the code that the ATE uses and when it fails I know where to locate the error. It was awesome.

Then on Saturday we had a couples night out with some freinds of ours. We dropped Taylor off at Oma and Opa's. We went to a Mexican place called El Burro's. The food was great. I had the beef and shrimp fajitas and Jo had the Enchiladas. The portion was huge. I was so rimmed because of all the chips I ate and the dinner. I think I was the only one who ate everything. Then after dinner we decided to shoot some pool. Originally we were going to go see the Amityville horror movie but I suggested that we can always go home and watch a movie lets go out and so something. They were all in agreement and we played pool. It was a blast. Haven't played pool in so long. Then went home and picked up the little one.

Then on Sunday was the best day. It was so good because I had a soccer game at 10:30 and we won 3-1. I almost made it 4-1 but I hit the post on my shot. That is not what made the game so great though. For the first time since I have been playing I really played agressively. I did not wait for the ball to come to me, I went to the ball. My team mates were very impressed. That is what made the game so great. To get back to the shot that I almost had a goal on. The ball was crossed and the defenders just watched it go by. So I went after the ball and I saw it going in but curved at the last minute and hit the post. After the game the guys my team and the other team we saying that I am going to have dreams about the fact that the ball hit the post. It really did not bother me that I did not make the goal though because of the rest of my performance in the game and the reaction of my teammates. When I was headin back to the car I hear people saying "Ping" of the sound that the ball made off the post.

Awesome weekend
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