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No More Car payments

Well we finally got our taxes done and we are so excited. Joanne was able to claim a loss with her side buiseness of hand raising cockatiels. Also we were able to get 1000 credit towards our taxes for Sweetpea. Because of all of these we are going to get back 2300 dollars. What does that mean? I am going to payoff my car today. I will be debt free on the car. This will add more money to account and I figure that I can now pay more money towards our credit cards. I calculated that we should be debt free from my car, the credit cards and our Eastern King bed by October of this year. These are good times for our family right now.

On a side note I bought a couple games for myself in all this jubilation. I bought an old title called Oddworld Munch's Oddessey and I bought a soccer title called Winning Eleven.

Taylor is good. She is getting louder and louder when she talks. She now has full on conversations with her duck spout cover in the bath tub. She is loving it. We were going to try and film it yesterday but she freaked out. Joanne stopped the bath early because she was so scared.

Saw Spongebob Square pants the movie this weekend. It was cute and funny. I like Spongebob. Actually I like Patrick.

Well I have to get to work now. Exciting times right now.
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