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It is finally Friday and I decided to take the dayoff to spend some time with my wife and my beautiful daughter. We went shopping and spent a little bit of time out in the sun today. It was great and I decided to get a copy of the latest Brian Adams greatest hits in preperation for the concert coming up. I also decided to put money down on the new Mudvayne album called Lost and Found. This album is coming out on the 12th of April. I have already heard the latest single called Happy and it sounds awesome. Then we went and did some other shopping and then came home. This weekend a=ought to be great. Tonight I am going to hang out with my freind that I have not seen in about a month and it should be cool. I got a new Xbox game called Winning Eleven 8 and it is such a fun game. That ought to be fun. Then on Saturday I have my daughter all to myself from 8:00am to 2:00pm. The wife has to work...that sucks. Then I might have her again by myself because it might be girls night out....Good for momma. Then I am looking forward to my soccer game that should happen this Sunday. I play forward so I hope I score a goal.

On a side note I am going to give my reviews on some music I have recently picked up. First: I picked up the latest Fozzy album. This is title All That Remains.If you do not know who this band is...if you watch wrestling then you know Chris Jericho. He is the lead singer. This album I would give a 4.8 out of 5. This album is pure rock. It has hard hitting guitars and the vocals are different then what you hear out there now-a-days. Guest appearances are on this album which are great. Zakk Wylde (guitarist for Ozzy and lead singer and guitarist for Black Label Society) plays on the song Wanderlust. Other guest appearances include Marty Friedman formerly of Megadeth and Bone Crusher are on the album as well. Great songs include Nameless, hit single Enemy and All That Remains are just a few of the titles that are really good. This is a must have if you are like hard hitting metal of today with a slight hint of eighties metal riffs with a little Dream Theater feel in a few songs.

The next album is The newest Three Doors Down. This album is typical of all the rest of TDD. If you like it great...if not then this is not for you. I personally like it. I thought it was great that they did a song about traveling and being on the road and the great part about this song was that they were able to get Bob Seger to sing along. Bob Seger is such a great artist and song writer I thought it gave them evem more inspiration for the rest of this album. This album is a good one in my opinion. This I would give a 4 out of 5. Try this album out.
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